How to Deal with Anxiety

You can feel the anxiety start to rise, and it’s up to you to break the habit pattern and choose something else.  Here are some steps that to use when overwhelm and anxiety starts creeping in:  Get out of the situation: Take some time on your own so you can anchor into the present. Breath. […]

How to Deal with Physical Pain

How to Deal with Physical Pain  I write this post with the utmost respect for the journey you are on. These are some things that I do and have done when dealing with physical pain and I hope they may help you too. Self Love and Self Nurture Yourself: Have compassion for what you are […]

How to Deal with Emotional Pain

I was asked how I deal with painful things and I decided to break the topic into two pieces. This is the first part of how to deal with emotional pain, and the second part is how to deal with physical pain. Emotional Pain can be debilitating and make you want to curl up and […]

I’m Showing Up

I’m doing it. I’m showing up as who I want to be in the world. I’m committed to helping others create their lives on purpose as well. If you have a question that you want me to answer, send it my way. What kind of life do you want to create on purpose this year, […]

Self Love Intention

Self Love:  As I was wrapping up my intentional 10 day happiness journey, I realised how much I enjoy sharing that I wanted to keep going. This time though, I want to share about self love rituals that I have done, and do regularly.  Self Love to me is all about honouring and enjoying all […]

Journaling Happiness

Another loving practice I’ve been doing every single night for almost the past two months is taking time to write about all the good in my life.  It’s a mixture of a gratitude journal and a diary and it expands the feelings of joy and happiness from my day. I wrote one page, and if […]