Happiness By Water

Happiness in the form of time in nature and specifically by a body of water. 

I’ve been lucky enough in my life to live in amazingly beautiful places with nature as the main attraction. I spent several years living in Yosemite, then the Grand Canyon, was able to spend a lot of time on a lush island called Ilhabela when I lived in Brazil, and the beautiful rainforested area of the Northern Rivers here in Australia. I have never taken these for granted as the natural world regenerates me in a way that is almost indescribable but distinctly peaceful. 

I particularly like to spend time near water- be it the ocean, a nice flowing river, a lake, and today it was at the Glenbrook Lagoon with some friends. 

The peace and tranquility of the ripping water, the wind in the Gumtrees, the symphony of cicadas, and the fresh mountain smell makes my heart feel full. 

I’m sharing this as part of my 10 day happiness adventure of recognising happiness, capturing it, sharing it, and inviting others to join in all for the reason that it feels good. ❤️

Here’s a pic of Abe and one of his best mates 🙂

Happiness as Connection

Happiness in the form of Connection. 

There are some hard and fast truths about me that I have wholeheartedly come to accept. I have found that anytime I’m feeling off or out of sorts for whatever reason, I know I need to dive in strong with an arsenal of things/ways of being that I KNOW lift my spirits. 

One of the big happiness triggers for me is in connecting with others, and within community. It can be as simple as making small talk in the grocery store isle, or even mindfully using social media to connect (a big difference from times where I may find myself doing it out of habit), even better is when I can find or create a group where we have something in common as it becomes rather effortless. I have found connections like this many times over the years like joining various clubs and student council when I was new at the high school, or joining the sorority when I went to college, or creating very close knit friends in Yosemite, or creating a tight knit study group at Uni here in Australia, or venturing into the theatre crowd where I met my darling gift of a husband after my head on collision, and definitely with my Mother’s Group. 

My Mother’s Group, dubbed “The Lovely Ladies with Beautiful Babies” has been and continues to be an amazing source of connection and happiness for me. 

Since we all met at a community run event over four years ago, I took the initiative to invite them to join a group I made specifically for us here on Facebook. Thankfully they all were keen as we were new parents and all had babies that were born between September and early January. For me, connecting was like building a lifeline that I knew I needed in the most profound way, especially as a new mum, especially as a mum who had just gone through a very traumatic birth and my own health issues around it, especially feeling isolated and without any help around besides David, and especially because the birth happened in Sydney versus in the Northern Rivers where all our friends were. This group quickly became such an integral part of my life. 

Over four years later, the dozen of us mums have met at least once a week, and often more times for meet ups, lessons, birthdays, games nights, and just fun time. We are all so vastly different and yet we have this amazing common bond that is so unique and supportive. I’ve talked about them many times here on FB as I’m consistently grateful for their role in my life, and I feel as appreciative today as ever. 

The happiness I feel because I have this awesome group of women who have gone through the rollercoaster ride of becoming a parent with, who have seen me at my worst, and hopefully at my best too, and vice versa, makes my heart feel overflowing with love and joy. 

I hosted Mother’s Group at my house today and I’m not very good at taking pictures during but snapped one before we deflated the jumping castle after everyone had gone, and I still feel a tender loving happiness for them. Even better is that they have all grown up together and essentially act like cousins which feels like such a gift since all of David’s relatives are much older, and mine live on another continent. 

This is a 10 day adventure of recognising and sharing what makes me happy in my life. Everyone is invited to do this, join in, even if you do it privately, it really feels great. ❤

All Love <3

Happiness is Practical Beauty and Learning

Happiness in the form of practical beauty + learning: 

In an effort to find low maintenance hair styles I wanted to refresh my french braid for the current era. I have seen the Dutch/Inverted braid but really couldn’t wrap my head around it enough to do it on my own so I went to the internet for help. Really I’m so grateful for technology and the ability to type in something and learn straight away and I LOVE LEARNING! 

Anyway I found a wikihow page to be the most useful and did it step by step following along. The next time I tried it on my own but reverted back to the way I’ve braided for decades. So again I went back and did it step by step with the guide. Yesterday was the first day I was able to do it on my own and today it was a breeze. 🙂

This makes me happy for so many reasons. I love that I’ve learned something new. I love that I find this new skill to be very useful and very practical with a new bub. It makes me happy because I feel like it adds a bit of flair and if you know me well I do like flair 🙂 it also makes me happy because we’ve been watching Tomb Raider recently and David loves it and I like that I have a similar long hair style 😉

Sharing happiness intentionally for 10 days. ❤️ Everyone is invited to join along – it feels good 🙂 

Happiness in Audiobooks

Happiness in the form of audiobooks. 🙂 

Even a quick trip to the grocery store becomes fun with an audiobook (like just now) 🙂. Listening to stories this way reminds me of what it must have been like to sit around an old radio and hear the audio theatre as a family back in the day. I love the enchantment of the story told in its entirety with my imagination to fill in the details. I love that I can easily pick up where I left off. 

The book I’m listening to right now makes me happy specifically because it’s set in Sydney and I’ve been in the city enough to have felt the breeze carry water droplets at the Archibald Fountain (Archibald was on our shortlist of names for bub) and it’s exciting to hear a story with familiar places. 

This is part of a 10 day happiness adventure of recognising happiness, capturing it in some way, sharing it and inviting others. The intention is to create more happiness by focusing on it and of course happiness is best shared. ❤️

You’re welcome to jump right in – even one day of focusing on happiness is great. 🙂 

Unexpected Surprises in Ordinary Things

Happiness in the form of unexpected surprises from otherwise ordinary things. 

So we have these windows that cast rainbows with the sunlight in the morning and in the late afternoon. The rainbows are huge and often decorating the walls while inching down (or up) depending on the sun. 

The thing that makes me happy about these rainbow casting windows is not just that they cast rainbows because that’s so freaking cool, but moreso that it shows me that even ordinary things can be absolutely extraordinary. It shows me that even if I haven’t seen something before in my life that magic will continue to unfold and present beauty in my life. Abe loves these rainbows too and any parent knows that the joy your own kiddo radiates also makes you happy. 

I actually tracked down and wrote to the previous owner who was a glass tradesman and complimented him on his work. ❤️ What an awesome gift to give someone – rainbow casting windows 

Happiness Amplifies

Happiness: A great thing about focusing on something is that it amplifies. This is true for all feelings and gosh I just love how good it feels to have happy moments in my life. One of my own personal commandments is to Feel Good and focusing on happiness is aligned 🙂 also it’s not that I’ve not had adversity and challenges in my life, it’s just that it feels better to focus on the good stuff instead.