Self Love: Showering Love

Self Love: Showering the body with love During a shower 🙂

So under normal circumstances I am the queen of quick showers, in and out with everything needing to be done in about 3 minutes or so. Unless I have to wash my hair, which happens about once a week, so I then end up taking what feels like an extraordinarily long time. When these long showers happen I take the opportunity to really show love to my body, my hair, all of myself. I gently oil up every part of my body (I use a shower body oil most of the time except in the high heat of summer), and with each part of my body I feel it, and just send love and adoration from my scalp to my toes. How glorious it is to have such a strong body to stand up in the shower, to have arms that can reach, and hands that can feel, a belly that grows humans, and breasts that can feed. How amazing is this human body that I get to hang out in, so capable for anything that comes along in life. 

My shower love is actually based on a tip from a woman who I went skinny dipping with. She said when she had lived full time in Byron Bay that she had major body issues, and it wasn’t until returning years later (on the visit I met her) she could actually enjoy it because she was finally comfortable and at ease in her own body. She said EVERY time she took a shower she said “I LOVE YOU” all up and down her body. The interesting thing is that this woman was absolutely gorgeous – petite, slender, tanned blonde Italian who looked about 15 years younger than her actual age, and just had a great vibe about her. 

Anyway, taking the time to slow it down, use nice products for my skin, and show love to each part, and perhaps say “I love you” at each stop along the way. Self Love Shower Style <3

It’s All Love <3

Self Love Intention

Self Love: 

As I was wrapping up my intentional 10 day happiness journey, I realised how much I enjoy sharing that I wanted to keep going. This time though, I want to share about self love rituals that I have done, and do regularly. 

Self Love to me is all about honouring and enjoying all that I am in any given moment. Sometimes that means giving myself directed TLC, and sometimes it’s just building in nice habits/practices for myself. 

Tonight as I was massaging my face with some lovely nurturing oil that I used to use on my belly when I was pregnant, it dawned on me that this is one that I used to do and have gotten back into. 

After I wash my face, I then look at myself in the mirror and just say nice things to myself while I massage the oil into my face. It smells divine, it feels so luxurious, and after a few minutes, I’m full of love. 

I will expand more on self love practices that involve the mirror later, as I have done them hundreds of times over the years. So I’ll just leave this one… making the routine just a bit nicer by adding in massage, and talking sweetly to myself. 🙂

“I love you” 🙂 <3

Journaling Happiness

Another loving practice I’ve been doing every single night for almost the past two months is taking time to write about all the good in my life. 

It’s a mixture of a gratitude journal and a diary and it expands the feelings of joy and happiness from my day. I wrote one page, and if I’m really feeling the extra goodness still, I write another. 🙂

I think in one way or another I’ve kind of kept a journal loosely like this on and off since I was 18. It wasn’t until later that I was using it intentionally as a form of written goodness to reflect upon. 

There is so much to be appreciative about in life including being healthy! Or like right now hearing the symphony of insects starting up for the evening, or how awesome it is that the weather is just right for sitting outside. There are so many things if we look for them and I’m always open to the good life. ❤️

It’s all love <3

Happiness as Self Growth

Happiness in the form of self growth. Day 10

For me, if I feel like I’m growing, I feel like my life is on track. I’m happy with who I am and I also like to stretch myself to see what I am able to achieve and be in the world. I have so much faith that my already great life will continue to get better and better. 🙂 So I do what I can to prepare myself. 🙂 I write this in a confident way because I’m not into self depreciation, it doesn’t feel good to me in particular and I’m really trying my best to own who I am in all aspects of my life, including here on social media with my mixture of family, and friends from so many different stages of my life. 

Doing this 10 day happiness journey has been about growth for me. It has shown me that I’m pretty solid in my own life happiness of recognising it and building it into my own life. It took a lot of courage to share this journey so openly. I feel like when I started this on day 1, I was so excited because I know how powerful this can be that I wanted everyone to join in and come along for the expansion. Perhaps a part of me also wanted to share because then it wouldn’t only be me doing it. It’s a thing I’ve been moving past where I want the recognition yet when it happens I then have shied away from it in the past. I have so many gifts to share and I must be able to stand in my own light in order to share them freely. 

As the days went on I felt more secure in my sharing and understood again that we all have our own paths and we all choose how we do them, and that made me happy. 🙂 I love choice, I love options, and I love that change is available in every moment. 

This is wrapping up my intentional 10 day happiness journey and it feels good – it’s all felt really good. Truly even one extra moment of feeling good, feeling better can make a big difference. We are all so lucky to get to live right now in time and I want to know experience it as best as I can, and I hope you might want that too. ❤️

This picture is of a dragonfly who decided to land and transition on the dash above my steering wheel. I consider it to be a very good omen. 

Here’s to recognising and feeling happiness! Here’s to sharing that happiness! Here’s to growth! 

It’s all love <3

Happiness in Watching Others Grow

Happiness is watching others develop and grow. 

Witnessing others on their life path, living their best life, always fills me with an intense happiness. I love when people find their stride and go for it. I love seeing the people I love growing and becoming more of who they are. This applies to friends, families, even strangers if I engage with their story. 

Baby Aristotle has mastered rolling over from back to front. He’s been able to roll from front to back since just after birth, and now at 4.5 months he can do both!! How awesome it is to see this little person whom I love so dearly learn how to use his body. He’s also using his voice a lot lately and hearing what sounds he can make. Watching your children develop truly one of the incredible gifts of parenthood. 

Abraham is now into a building and survival game called Minecraft which is helping him to develop strategy and creativity in another way. He is in love with all of the possibilities that are present in this game and it’s awesome to see him so excited about it. Seeing Abe happy makes me very happy. 

This post is a part of my 10 day happiness adventure where I recognise, capture, and share happiness. Everyone is invited along, and even just one additional moment thinking about happiness can make a huge difference.

Happiness in Practical Things

Happiness in the way of silly yet practical every day items: 

I love when form and function come together and for me these silly plates are that! They make me happy because they are so utterly Australian. I reach for them first out of the dishwasher because they’re s fun. I love them because they’re also melamine and hard wearing which is an awesome feature with little people. 🙂

We have a few other things like heart shaped ramekins that we use for snacks or deserts, some very lovely lemon 🍋 heritage style serving platters too which also evoke joy. Oh and all of our mugs are photo mugs of us doing things 🙂 which make me happy on the daily ❤️

This is part of my 10 day adventure of recognising, capturing, and sharing what makes me happy. Everyone is invited to come along on my journey and of course venture on your own. Even one day focusing on happiness can make a huge difference. 

Why Focus on Happiness

Why focus on happiness… so I learned by experience the power of training the mind. Anyone who has ever had the privilege of the self growth that comes with sitting a silent meditation course knows this. On day one our minds are all over the place, then a vow of silence is taken and the singular focus on the breath begins. By day 5 you feel like you’ve hit your limit and there must be a way out of there. 😂 something magical happens after that though and by Day 10 when the silence is broken, you emerge with a new way of being. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, all the sensations after basically voluntarily going through a form of sensory deprivation. Then you find your groove. You’re happier, more peaceful, and it’s easier to focus. 

The idea is that we train the brain by focusing it and the more frequent the thought, the stronger the pathway becomes AND the other pathways/thoughts become weaker. 

By intentionally focusing on what makes me happy each and every day, I am building that pathway to be bigger and stronger. By intentionally focusing on happiness for a lengthy period of time, I am forming the habit, my default mode, and that happiness thought pathway becomes one of my biggest and strongest. Creating this habit, forming my thoughts like this then makes feeling happy, recognising happiness even easier. Naturally I’m a sharing and generous person (also must be a habit I’ve had for a very long time) and to me it feels good and brings even more happiness to me to share happiness. 🙂

This may sound light but it’s all very intentional and takes practice and persistence So that it becomes second nature. I guess that’s true for any behaviour, thought pattern, way of being we experience.

Happiness as Entrepreneurship

Happiness in the form of entrepreneurship. 

I’m happy to have the opportunity to be at home with our kiddos. I’m happy that I have the flexibility to do work when time allows while putting my family first. I’m happy when money comes flowing in 🙂. I’m happy when I see my efforts work and the seeds that we’ve thrown out there come to fruition. I’m happy to be a part of a business that adds value to the community. I’m happy to build on the knowledge that David and his family have worked hard to gain over the years. I’m happy I have the skills to work remotely on admin related activities. I’m happy to be in charge of my own path. I’m happy we have a great team of hardworking reliable staff members. I’m happy that we have some really good farmers to work with each week. I’m very happy we now supply awesome local businesses. I’m very happy to be a part of this. 

I usually try to do what is needed while Bub is napping or when Abe is happily playing or of course when they go to bed at night. Today I needed to get this done and Ari was patient and happy to hang out while I did it. I’m thankful that I can then shut my laptop lid and nurse him so he goes back into a blissful sleep. I’m very happy to have this life and I don’t take it for granted, not one bit. ❤

This is part of my 10 day happiness adventure of recognising happiness, capturing it, sharing it, and inviting others along as well. It feels good to focus on the good intentionally, even if you do it privately it’s bound to feel good. 

Happiness in Baking

Happiness in the form of enjoying oven fresh baked goods. 

Abraham loves to help me bake. I remember as a kid fondly baking with my grandmother in her little kitchen in the rural part of Central California next to corn and cotton fields, orchards, and dairies. I’d help her make homemade fig newtons, molasses cookies, and fruit filled half moon pies. So doing the same with Abe brings back a deep level of happiness for me. I find that with emotion, especially strong emotions it’s like all of my archived memories are attached to whatever the emotion is, so it intensifies in an amazing way. Which in my mind, is just another reason to find the good in life, and focus on that. 🙂

Today we made Lactation cookies to help boost my milk supply for Bub which featured some delicious macadamias that some of our friends grew. I was out of coconut oil, which is what I usually use in baking, and used butter… oh the glory of butter!!! I absolutely adore butter and may revert back to using butter in baking again after all, because really these came out absolutely divine! 

Abraham and I did our kitchen magic and enjoyed a few all the while as Little Aristotle was napping. There aren’t too many times these days where it’s just Abe and I doing something together, and this special time makes me happy too. I love that guy so much and am so honoured that I get to be his mum. ❤

This is part of my 10 happiness journey where I’m recognising, capturing, sharing what makes me happy and inviting all of you along with me. You are more than welcome to venture in on your own privately or publicly – It all feels so good <3